Because it's Wednesday…

Profoundest apologies for not making an appearance last week on WIPpet Wednesday. I didn’t even make the rounds. Not sure that will change this week. In the midst of a House Project and have an Event this weekend, so free time is at a minimum. Or non-existent. One of the other. But that doesn’t mean I’m not eking out some words, planning plans, and otherwise doing things.

You know. Things.

Anyhow, there are other WIPpeteers to see and other WIPpets to read, so plunder on without me for now. I’ll try to visit this week, but make no promises.

But, just to prove I am still squeezing in some time to make words, I give you a line from yesterday’s handful on Edge of Darkness, just because.

“He had no trouble finding me on his own, I doubt he’ll have any trouble finding his way back.”

Just as I, too, will find my way back.



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  1. How well I know how life happens. Hang in there!

    I actually put words down on the novel last Sunday, so sometime soon I may actually have words to offer on WIPpet Wednesday. *speaks quietly so as not to startle the muse*

  2. You’ll make it through this!!!

  3. Ah, Things. And the doing of them. Why must they require so much of that precious resource we call time? Hopefully things will go smoothly and quickly!

  4. You’re writing, and you are here (when you can be)… sometimes that’s the best anyone can ask. Yay you!

  5. aww, love the tie-in – yes, you’ll find your way back and we’ll be here waiting!!

  6. I love the little taste of what you’re up to…

    And Life. It gets in the way of setting down words, but also provides the fodder for the word mill…

    Two weeks ago, I never got around to anyone. I meant to, all week…but Life.

    Eagerly awaiting your triumphant return! =)

  7. Hope to see more of your posts again soon!

  8. Life happens – we’ll be here when you get back!

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