Basking…Or Not…

I’m feeling a bit like this at the moment…

Aramis is pretty excited that only the melon was blown away.

Gratuitous BBC Musketeer shot of Aramis.

…only I can’t really say why…or rather, don’t want to say why. For Reasons. One being that I suspect I may ultimately wind up feeling more like this…

Yes, I’m a bit enamored of the Musketeers. What of it?

But that’s the way things roll, isn’t it? Eventually, one way or the other, I’ll be able to share the reasoning, and I will. For now, I’m going to bask, because I haven’t had cause to in a long while and it feels damn good.

Quick ROW80 update…none. 🙁 Haven’t really made progress on my original goals. Not to say I’ve been doing nothing. Just nothing on that list.

And that brings us right up to WIPpet Wednesday. Continuing on with the Dachus’s tale…which really needs a title *hint, hint*…you get a bonus today, slightly over 30 sentences for the 30th. You’re getting the bonus because of the rare fine mood I’m in, and because this brings us to the conclusion of this section. I also included the final line of last week’s to get you rolling. It is Jannis speaking in the beginning. As always, you can find all that preceded this by going here.

“I suppose I should offer you lodging for the night. Unless you intend to head back today?”

“I told you –“

“Yeah, and I told you. Now, just who do you think has the power around here, hmm?”

“The Proupunua’s power extends to all corners of his realm.”

Her lips curved upwards but Dachus couldn’t really call the expression a smile. Not even a fake one.

“If you care to go home and send the propownow to talk to me in person, feel free. He’ll get no further, I assure you. I’ve given you my best advice. Take it or not. I’m offering you a place to spend the night. Take that or not as well. Your choice.”

“You do realize that I could return with a full compliment of soldiers?”

The stillness following his declaration scared Dachus more than the snapping jaws of the dragon had. He shuffled his feet, ran two fingers under his collar, and waited for death. It seemed imminent.

Master Jannis’s face showed nothing but serene calm. “Did you just threaten the Dracon Hold?”

Even with a loosened collar Dachus had difficulty swallowing. “Of course not.” His voice squeaked. “I just mean to impress upon you the importance of my mission.”

“The fact your mission is important to you, Dachus Branacous, emissary of the Proupunua’s private court, does not make it important to me. What is not important to me, is even less so to the Dracon Hold.”

“Is there no one above you?” Dachus bit his lip. Stop sounding so damned desperate, he chided himself. He clasped and unclasped his hands, patted his thighs, took a deep breath and —

— ducked just in time to miss the bucket aimed at his head. Thankfully it contained only water. That did not miss him. By the time he looked up from trying to brush if off his doublet, Master Jannis had left.

Dachus…*sigh* You are such a flaming idiot.

And with that, I leave you to it.


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  1. Fuh-LAYMING idiot. 🙂

    Bask. BASK, I SAY!

  2. Man. Dachus is a flaming idiot. At least he wasn’t a barbecued idiot, which would actually make an interesting title. The Tale of Dachus: BBQ’d Idiot.
    Yes, I’m hoping he’ll come around and show more self-preservation. But I do love his conversations with Master Jannis.

  3. Another very entertaining snippet, Kathi!

    And now I’m all curious as to why you are basking … *g*

  4. Lovely excerpt Kathi. Why is I always feel sorry for Dachus though? He’s constantly putting his foot in it, but it’s not his fault that he’s just the messenger – who in my opinion should not be shot!

    I love the lines you give to Jannis though, especially: ‘If you care to go home and send the propownow to talk to me in person, feel free.’

    She just doesn’t care does she? 😉

    • Jannis certainly doesn’t care about the same things Dachus does. I do occasionally feel sorry for him. He may think he’s worldly and cultured, but life in the court and life in the real world are definitely not the same thing.

  5. I feel sorry for him. But I do like how she just doesn’t care about his reasons. I wonder if they will ever meet in the middle.

  6. I love these snippets. Even if I find myself shaking my head at Dachus. 🙂 Will he never learn? 😉

  7. He’s made himself an idiot because he’s trying too hard to complete his mission, and, he’s never been treated like he doesn’t matter before. What an attractive idiot though. 🙂

  8. Jannis reminds me of Hiccup’s mom in HTTYD 2. =P

  9. How amazing is ‘The Musketeers’?!
    I enjoyed the excerpt but I’m not really sure about the idea of ‘brushing’ off water. Perhaps flicking or shaking? 🙂

    • All for one, and one for Aramis…er…all. 😀 It’s a great way to wind down after the weekend, that’s for sure.

      Ah…brushing off the water. I wondered if anyone would jump on that. I gave it a couple looks when I posted it, then filed it away as something to fix at a later date.

  10. haha, loved the images. Totally sums up the duality of writing. 🙂
    Glad there wasn’t anything except water in the bucket. Sheesh!

  11. I really liked those images of the Musketeers, and why not? Great verve, great nerve in the snippet. Of course, I want more — and to know what’s behind all the basking. But bask away! Perfect for summer.

  12. Sounds like he’s fortunate to only be brushing water off his doublet and not picking pieces of himself up off the ground…

  13. At least he had the good sense to be nervous. I’m really enjoying this story. I hope you’ll grace us with many more snippets. 🙂

    I hope your good mood over your Reasons is still going strong. 🙂 And that you won’t end up staring at the sky with a pained expression over them.

    How about calling the story Dracon Hold? Or anything with the word dragon in it. Not necessarily the most original idea, but it almost always works on me. At least I’ll read the blurb. I’m sure I’m not the only one. 🙂 Ooo, ooo, ooo! I know! How about Pompous Braggadocio versus Dragons? 😀

  14. Dachus definitely needed a dousing Think outside the box, man, and maybe try listening just a tiny little bit! =)

  15. So there was a Schadenfreude-y part of me that was a little disappointed it was only water in the bucket. Poor guy, though. He really just doesn’t get it.

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