Bad Boys Galore for WIPpet Wednesday

Welcome to Wednesday and the wonderful world of WIPpeteer wackiness. As usual, I have other business to address first, for those of you who may have missed it elsewhere. Emergence is now available in e-book format on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and…well, still waiting on Kobo. Paperback copies are available on Amazon. And, as always, signed copies are available from my Published Works page (follow the link above). I’ve already received some great reviews and ratings, which is so awesome it even made Loki smile.
I know, I know, gratuitous Loki insertion. But, it’s my blog. I can do that. And I like Loki.

And, while we’re talking about Emergence,  some more Thank Yous to fellow bloggers helping spread the word: the lovely and talented Ruth Nestvold interviewed me here. Rachel O’Laughlin gave First of Her Kind an awesome shout-out with an Emergencecover reveal here. Several of my characters and I wandered over to the blog of Kate Sparkes and asked her about her experience as a Beta Reader here –that, by the way, was outrageous fun, and almost dove into awkward when her own characters threatened to join in.  Coming up in April, the fantabulous Kourtney Heintz rakes  me over the coals. (Which I’ll thoroughly deserve if I’ve forgotten to thank anyone.)

Now, on to today’s WIPpet. As I’ve been struggling a bit with CBC and Edge of Darkness because of the whole exploding-pumpkin-brain syndrome and other life bits, as well as being preoccupied with the release of Emergence, being out of town, and did I mention life in general…I admit to not getting a whole lot of new writing done on my WIPs. I wrote other stuff, notebook stuff, the kind of stuff I may or may not ever use, so I’m still exercising the muses, just not on the important stuff.

However, I have written some. And, because I’m feeling the need to be just a wee bit evil today, I’m going to pull out the magic WIPpeteer calculator and give you 15 words (2+6 for the day = 8   2+0+1+4 for the year=7    7+8=15). Yes, a mere fifteen words. A memorable quote from everyone’s favorite damaged bad boy Driev.

“You’re a whore short of a brothel if you think I’m doing anything for you.”

Okay, scroll back up to peek at Loki again, I won’t mind. Then dash off and visit the other WIPpeteers to see what they’re up to. Better yet, join in the fun by posting a bit of your current WIP that somehow relates to today’s date, then adding your link to the Linky thing up there on the sidebar. Easie peasie. Everyone’s welcome and, for the most part, we don’t bite. Though there have been some flying monkey incidences…

Make sure you come back Monday when I’ll be taking part in the My Writing Process Blog Tour and tagging three other writers to join in the fun.


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  1. That is rather a memorable analogy, there, Driev.

  2. Hahahaha! I love that. Yes, that expression does seem to capture his personality. And yes, I did snort rather loudly when I read it.

  3. Love me some Driev! And no Loki insertion is gratuitous. They’re mandatory. 🙂

  4. Great mini snippet with a great analogy. 🙂

  5. That is an interesting unit of measurement. 🙂

  6. Gratuitous Loki insertions are my favourite kind!

    It was so much fun having you all on my blog. I’ll be sure to send my people out for longer next time.

    Love that line. So much more colourful than “a few bricks short of a load.” 🙂

  7. Isn’t it amazing what a few extra inches of hair does for a fellow’s face? Loki, Thorin, Jack Sparrow… I don’t actually find any of these men attractive without their wigs.

    Leave it to Driev to make a dubious statement even dubiouser. Does he have hair? ‘Cuz he should have hair.

  8. Ha ha I read that wrong first and thought it said ‘You’re a whore son of a brothel’ lol. Anyway same sentiment! Great insight, even if short, into Driev’s character. 🙂

    • Well, Driev has called a few people whoresons — yes, he makes it one word. Rather like someone I know who thinks ‘monthend’ is one word. As well as ‘buildout’. Let’s just run everything together, shall we?

      I digress…where were we?

  9. Hooray for Emergence getting off to a good start! Awesome!

    Haha, Driev and Loki are a pair, aren’t they. I love Driev. I could just eat him up with a spoon! But then he’d be all gone and I couldn’t read about him on Wednesdays or in the future. It’s a conundrum! 🙂

    Also, this made me smile: “the whole exploding-pumpkin-brain syndrome.” You do have a way with words!

    • Driev and Loki would make a very scary pair. The kind that would give a person nightmares.

      EPBS is quite the problem. And so messy. But, yes, pumpkin custard is delightful. 😉

  10. Ooo after being off the blog circuit for a few weeks I saw that Emergence was out! Yay – so ran over here and then I saw Loki *cheers and waves arms in an enthusiastic yet very coordinated sort of way…* and then I see Driev being Driev… Today’s good dose of happy!

    • So glad I could bring some happiness to your day. The fact that two bad boys contributed shall go unremarked. *ahem* Oh, and you might want to teach Kate how to do that waving about thing without smacking yourself in the head. As I recall, she had some kind of flailing incident not too long ago.

  11. Hehe loved the idiom, it really created a vivid picture of the character. The picture of Loki wasn’t too bad either. 😛 Look forward to reading the posts from the blog tour. 🙂

  12. You can never have enough Loki. That said, Driev’s statement started me wondering… How many whores do you need to have a brothel? I mean just one isn’t enough. SO is it two? So does the other party have at least 1 whore in the brothel? Or is the building totally empty?

    Yup. I over think everything that doesn’t need it. 😉

    • I’m cracking up because that originally read, “two whores short” but then I started thinking the same thing. How many whores does it take to make a brothel? Does two make sense? Should it be one? Should it be more?

  13. Reminds me somewhat of another insult a few fries short of a Happy Meal… Goes to show, that chutzpah and flair know no boundaries. 😀

    I’m with ReGi on the hair thing. Long hair just does something to a man’s face.

    • Ha! A few fries short… I wonder how many of these we can come up with? Then the challenge is to make them applicable to your world or worlds. Who’s in?

      • There was a webpage of those about ten years back (I know because my husband likes to find nonsense like that). Making them applicable to our worlds would be fun though.

  14. best insult ever! *writes it down in her notebook to steal for later*

  15. Crap. I’m I don’t know how many books behind on my Kindle and my mouse clicked over and bought First of Her Kind.

    Somehow I don’t see myself getting anything productive done this weekend.
    I blame the cover art. :/

  16. K.L., I am delighted to rake you over the coals. 🙂 I’m also planning a review of Emergence to post Thursday. I wanted to put it on the blog right before the interview posts next Monday!

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