And Yet Another Reason . . .

Seriously, I’m not getting any kind of kickback from the Scrivener people.  Though I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to a complimentary full version if they’re paying attention.  😉

I already mentioned how I write in scenes.  I lose scenes.  I’ve been stuck on my UF for a while and realized I had to kill about 15k words because, although they were good, they advanced the plot far too quickly and put my MC’s in a position I couldn’t get them out of.  While loading everything into Scrivener I came across a scene I don’t even remember writing.  It was exactly what I needed to move the story on and give it another twist.  I won’t lose those any more because Scrivener will keep them all right there in the binder, easy for me to see and access.  The note cards will give me a brief synopsis and I’ll be ready to roll.

But that’s not the other reason.  This is:

In particular, the Session Target.  You can hide this box as you’re working.  I prefer to keep it open in the bottom right corner of the screen so that I’m very aware of my progress or lack thereof.  The Session Target changes color from red-orange-green as you reach your goal in words or characters (your choice).  I pushed myself for a 1k1h (that’s 1000 words in one hour) last night and the Session Target really kept me on task.

On a side note, 1k1h was a good exercise I’m going to practice much more often.  It forces you to just get the words down, good, bad or indifferent, which is the whole point of a first draft.  Of course, my characters, so thrilled at being active once again, decided they needed to introduce someone new.  I’m not sure if I’ll keep her but for now she’s there and I have to deal with it.




  1. Josh Langston

    Thanks for the working review of Scrivener. It’s helped me to make up my mind, get off the d*mned bubble, and do the free trial. I’ve got several works in progress that are driving me nutso. I’m hoping a more organized approach will help me get them finished.

  2. The Session Target thing convinced me as well. It’s much easier to work when there’s a giant red bar telling you you’re falling behind 😉 I work bettwe with a visible showing of my target. Thanks Kathi!

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  4. Wow. I’ve been using Scrivener for almost a year and that’s the first time I’ve seen the project target thingy!

    • Do you know how to add a “custom” word to the dictionary?? I thought “Learn Spelling” did the trick but it only seems to work for the section you’re currently working on.

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