All For One on Fictional Friday

Today for Fictional Friday, I bring you my latest obsession…BBC’s The Musketeers

Yes, it’s a television series but it is still fiction.  Period fiction. Gorgeous in its costuming and location shots. Yes, the UK is already done viewing Season 1 and anxiously awaiting season 2, but here in the US S1 didn’t premier until the end of June. Yes, there are some reviews of it that are less than flattering, but c’mon people, just relax will you? It’s an hour fifteen minutes (on BBC-America, with commercials, and I’m guessing from images I’ve seen via the web some cut scenes) of swords, muskets, fun, awesome costumes, incredible locations, and eye-candy for all persuasions–including the horse-lovers among us. Take it for the escapism it is and just enjoy. I certainly do. Of course, I’ve loved nearly every version of the Three Musketeers that I’ve seen, so it’s no surprise this series hooked me. Aramis has always been my favorite character and, yes, he still is.

As for books…I’m still sorely behind in reviews. Okay, I’m sorely behind in quite a bit. Catching up after several weeks of a very busy schedule, combined with a grand funk I’m finding it hard to break out of, have conspired to pummel me into the dirt. I’ll work it out. Eventually.

Until then, I’m now into Krista Walsh’s second book in the Meratis Trilogy, Eventide. Loving it. Giving all the feels to Corey and he’s not even…*sniff* Let’s not go there, shall we? *glares across cyberspace at Evil Author*

Other Fictional gleanings for this week include:

  • If you need suggestions for your TBR list, visit Chuck Wendig’s blog post on New Summer Reads and venture into the comments. Feel free to add your own suggestions. All genres are represented here so take a peek.
  • It’s no secret I love a good fictional pirate. But, on a more serious note, I don’t love modern day, real life pirates in any of their incarnations. Although some of you may not know Book Piracy is a thing, and does exist, well…it is and it does and readers and authors all suffer thanks to it. To help spread the word, check out the latest blog post from Kait Nolan on EBOOK FRAUD.



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  1. I like the musketeers exactly for the fact it’s just some fun escapism! Great post! 🙂

  2. Krista is so evil. In such a good way.

  3. It’s been years since I’ve seen any rendition of the Three Musketeers. Not sure if we have this series going here. Lots of action, I see. 😀

  4. I just finished Eventide last night. So good, even if I nearly threw my kindle at one point. may have sobbed slightly.

  5. Ooh….looks like sooo much fun…squeee!

    I wonder if I can find ir online, as I don’t have BBC. *pouts prettily, and gives Evil Eye to cable company who wants too DURNED MUCH for anything other than basic….*

  6. I enjoy the story behind The Musketeers, so I probably would love this series!

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