A Watched Pot…

….never boils. Actually it does, if you’ve remembered to turn the burner on, it just seems to take forever when you’re standing over it waiting. Rather like waiting for…oh, I don’t know…an e-mail message.

When we lived in town and I could see the mailbox from the house, I’d constantly be looking out the window if I was home, anxious to spot the mail truck. It didn’t matter if I was actually waiting for some thing. The mailman was apparently a great source of anticipation for me. 99% of the time he delivered junk mail or bills. I should have loathed his arrival.

Now, with e-mail, it’s worse. Especially with a smart phone. As soon as that little e-mail icon lights up to tell me I have a message, I’m checking to see what it is.

To add chocolate to the milk, I’m waiting for Some Thing. That magical, mystical reply on a query sent out on the 15th. Okay, fine, so the agent’s website says to expect a response in one week to three months. THREE MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!! But that doesn’t prevent me from continuously checking. I began checking about an hour after I sent the query via their on-line form. I do so with a blend of trepidation, casual indifference, and sheer terror.

“They won’t like it.”

“How can they not like it?!!?”

“What if they do like it?”

“They’ll ask for the full and keep it for six more months and then reject it.”

“They’ll love it. Sell it before the year is out. It will be AWESOME!”

“They’ll love it. Sell it before the year is out. And WANT MORE!” *panic attack ensues*

“It’ll be a form rejection. Have the next agent lined up and ready to go. You know how this works.”


And so on.

*breathe in, breathe out*

And, in the midst of this, never–NEV-ER–take a peak at your Amazon sales rank. Just don’t do it. And then DON’T EVER compare it to anyone else’s. Unless you’re comparing genre to genre, and factor in many other things, it’s just a number. Like age. Don’t. Look. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT’S HOLY JUST DON’T.


So, right. I’ve been plot noodling The Adorned. Oh yes. *rubs hands in glee* I’ve got stuff. I do, I do. Plot stuff. I’m still mainly a pantser, but I need some direction for this one. I think I may just have it. Now, if ReGi would stop telling Roe to just do whatever she darn well pleases, all will be good. I don’t think I shared this bit with you already, if I did, I apologize. Here, for the year, 15 paragraphs.

Roe blinked her eyes open and immediately regretted it. She rolled to the side to throw up, belatedly realizing her head rested on Fader’s lap which meant the contents of her stomach now decorated his legs.

“Sorry,” she muttered, dragging the back of her hand across her mouth.

He brushed damp hair off the side of her face. “No concern.”

“You’re hurt.” Roe could hear it in his voice.

Fader blew out a quiet sigh. “Just so.”

“How bad?”

“Difficult to say. I live yet.”

“Damn.” Roe rolled her head back to try and get a glimpse of his face, but from her vantage point she could only see the bottom of his chin. “Fader?”

His throat bobbed as he swallowed. “Next time I tell you to leave, do so without discourse, yes?”

“Bet I will. What happened?”

“How does your head feel?”

“Like I spent the night in a cask,” Roe said. “Don’t avoid my question.”

“And your ribs?”

“Don’t care to find out.” Vomiting had told her enough about their condition. “You?”

His finger twitched against her face. “I live yet.”

And an unrelated bit of music. I caught this on an episode of Banshee. It has become my new obsession song–probably because it reminds me so much of Driev.


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  1. Deep breaths, friend. Have you thought about getting the flying monkeys to slap you for checking e-mail? Or Amazon rank (silly person)?

    Also: Not only puking, but puking ON A DUDE? Go, Roe.

  2. Deep breaths – you got this! And you know what you can do if no one bites! None of your charactets have to sit in the shadows unnoticed qhen you have the power of the press in your hands 😀 But I’m not worried for you.

    Really great WIPpet! I like Roe already and want to know more about Fader 🙂

  3. “I live yet.” An answer that is really not an answer. 🙂

    ah, waiting, yes. When a pot doesn’t boil, I usually have forgotten to turn the burner on. 😉 good luck with the waiting and hope you get the response you’re wanting. 🙂

    • I did that with breakfast sausages Sunday morning. Put them in the pan, went and did something else, came back to check them…yeah, things cook better with heat under them.

      Fader excels at non-answers.

  4. My husband and I have a running joke about how my book hasn’t sold as many copies as something called “Billionaire T-Rex Forced Me Gay.” I could not make this stuff up. It’s very difficult not to be just a little bitter about that. LOL!

    Poor Roe. Fader does seem to take everything in stride, though. I’d be unhappy if someone puked on my legs.

    • Oh great, now you know I’m going to have to look that up.

      Unfortunately, at the moment Fader isn’t really in any condition to do much complaining even if he wanted to.

  5. Oh wow, Roe. I was very happy to see more Roe and Fader. They still budding heads, that’s okay I know they’ll work it out?

  6. I feel your pain! I’m watchin’ my own email! Fingers crossed for you.

    Gotta love Roe. Gotta love a dude who will brush your damp hair, rather than go, “Ewwww! All over my legs!!! Gross!”

    • I’m sure Fader would love to get Roe and her vomit off his legs but…

      It’s amazing how many times in a minute I can flick my phone on to see if the email icon is lit up. *head, desk*

  7. Fader must really like Roe or be near death to not mind if she threw up on him. Waiting sucks – good luck!

  8. If someone just puked on me, I wouldn’t be hanging around. Ever and forever. Things must be heating up between them. Hmmm. 😀 😀 😀

  9. In my defense, i didn’t think Roe would choose to puke on Fader’s lap. Had I known she was into that sort of thing, I’d have kept quiet. *wrinkles nose* Very quiet. *fetches hose and soap* (Sorry, but, germophobia.) I’d let them take a nice, warm shower, but it looks like Fader is stuck where he is at the moment. What’d you do to him, anyway, Kathi?

    • *I* didn’t do anything to Fader. I’m just the chronicler of their (mis)adventures. *cough* And, sorry, but Roe is doing exactly what you suggested. Yes, this is on you. Well, not literally. It’s on Fader at the moment. I know. Ick. *hands over mask, long gloves, apron, hazmat kit*

  10. Waiting on responses is awful! My trick is to send out a batch of 10-25. So if a no comes in, I still have other live opportunities. I also distract myself with other projects. I’ll query and draft simultaneously. It helps to have something new coming along. Yes, never ever look at stats or compare stats–that self doubt will take you down. Sending lots of luck and positive thoughts!

  11. I got about 18 seconds into the music, then turned it off. Sorry, not my kinda thing. One of our mutts makes sounds like that at night while we’re watching the tube. I don’t need morbid tunes. I prefer something a wee bit more upbeat — like the repartee in your dialog. Now *that* I find entertaining. Carry on, m’dear, carry on!

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  13. First: I love your inner dialog regarding the whole email thing. I love it because it’s a lot like how I think, and to see it laid out like that is just….well, amusing and also a relief.

    Second: I love the interaction between these two. Is there more of them to see hidden in this blog of yours? I particularly like the way Fader speaks. “Just so.” He’s pretty zen for a guy wearing puke. That is interesting.

    • It’s always nice to know we’re not alone in our…insanity. That also, by the way, is a bit scary! 😉

      If you want more Roe & Fader just look back at my WIPpet Wednesdays for the past… um… not sure. Been sharing bits of them for a while. A couple months, maybe??? They’re great fun to write.

  14. Trillian is great for things like watched-email-syndrome. It pops up with notifications when you get new mail so you can see at a glance who it’s from and the first line. …Not that it stops me from hovering my cursor over my accounts just to check, though.

    That’s the embodiment of patience — or illness — to not mind when someone hoiks on your legs… Though I feel bad for Roe too, it’s just as much fun doing it as being on the receiving end. And that’s the most noncommittal answer ever too, Fader… Must really be bad. :/

    I do like that song a lot. Have to look up the band now!

    • Okay, so at first glance, I thought that read “Trillium” which is a flower, right? Then I thought, oh! maybe it’s an herbal remedy! Or a brand of wine. Hee, hee. Oh, the directions my brain goes. I get a notification on my phone that gives me the sender and the first line, so I don’t need to actually open it. But I do have to constantly flick my phone screen on to see if the icon is there.

      Put the phone down, and back away!

      I think Black Lab is now under another name, but it escapes me. Another one of theirs I like is Learn to Crawl

  15. I’ve gotten really good at ignoring email, maybe too good. I’ve also gotten really good at forgetting about submissions. Maybe starting out in the short story market helps with that, where the stuff you’re sending out hasn’t taken so much of your life to produce. Or maybe it has something to do with waiting years for a response from a publisher or agent. At some point, there’s nothing left but to forget about it …

    I usually only check my Amazon rankings when I’m doing a promotion, to see how effective it is. Another thing I have learned to ignore. 🙂

    Good luck in learning to ignore!

    • I’ve never been good at forgetting about submissions. It’s like having something on order and waiting for it to be delivered. You should see me around lambing season! LOL When I’m expecting something, I get a bit antsy about it’s arrival. Good, bad, or indifferent.

      On the plus side, I can ignore…um…people talking. Yeah. Can totally tune that out. Mainly because of the whole living-in-my-head syndrome. 😉

  16. Waiting is hard. I find that I have to find SOMETHING, ANYTHING else while I wait. You probably already know this. And it’s still hard. Deep breath and go do dishes or some other less desirable chore. It will help distract you.

    I am curious now (in regard to the snippet). 🙂

    • Dishes?!!? UGH. I hate doing dishes. Seriously. That’s like punishment. *kicks stones* Man, all I said is I don’t like waiting and now I have to do the dishes. *pouts* Great.

  17. I totally feel Driev in that song. Made me happy, cause I love him so!

    As for Roe and Fader, I want to jump in, mop them up, and make them all better – but I’ve got this hunch the two of them will just up and find MORE trouble….

    Which Fader will respond to with a not-at-all-reassuring “I live yet.”

    Think I’ll go back to play with some TnT. They’ve gotten up to some serious mischief in that cell, sure, but not the puking, near-death kind….yet, anyway! 😉

    I’m about to submit to something where I won’t know until AT LEAST November. I’m going to send it out and attempt to forget all about it.

    Probably by playing with Vulcans! =D

    • That song just screamed Driev as soon as I heard it. I do go play in his world from time to time. I have all sorts of little bits just waiting their turn to be made into the next Chronicle. 😀

      It’s not Roe’s fault. Really. Not this time. Fader has totally thrown her world upside down. So, only fitting she’s thrown up on him, I think.

      • Seems only fair, then, under the circumstances. I do tend to have a soft spot for characters who turn one another’s lives upside down and inside out!

        Maybe why I’ve spent the last three days driving my Accomplice nuts while I wait for either Trip or T’Pol to tell me what happens after he nibbles her fingers playfully, and she loses all control, gets scared silly, and bites his neck hard enough to draw blood….an involuntary response poor Trip never saw coming (pardon the pun), because he didn’t know Vulcan fingertips can be a prime erogenous zone….

        My spouse is not nearly as interested in the next piece of this puzzle as I am – but he did volunteer to nibble my fingers…..hmmmn…..

        May all our bits and pieces add up to something delicious…eventually….and, until then, I’m about to head off to bed and see if one or both of them will clue me in…

        I enjoy Roe and Fader, but I’m definitely a Driev fangirl!

  18. I’m terrible with checking emails when I’m expecting to hear from someone. I catch myself wondering how come they aren’t replying right away?! It’s email, for Pete’s sake!

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