A-to-Z Challenge: E is for Endings

Everything has a beginning and an ending. Sometimes an ending is a beginning. Sometimes, it’s just the end. Some endings bring us sadness. Some are bittersweet. Others are full of promise.

I didn’t intend on using ‘Endings’ for ‘E’. I cycled through elephants and elves, everything and escalators. Nothing really spoke to me. With the deadline for this post creeping up, I knew I had to settle on a word and soon.

About then, I realized what a chore searching for topics and writing posts has become. Which brought me to another realization and that, in turn, provided my word.

I began this blog many years ago under My Random Muse. Along the way, I made some great on-line friendships, and connected with a bunch of folks I otherwise never would have met. They have become my writing tribe. My go-to beta readers, idea bouncers, arse kickers, motivators, supporters, commiserators, peeps, pals, and all-around good folk. I would not trade them for anything.

It’s time, however, to face the truth. Blogging takes up precious resources. When I create my List Of All That Needs Doing, I’m forced to find room for writing blog posts and that takes the place of something else. I am beginning to resent it. That’s not a good thing.

So, yes, my friends, this is the end.

Unlike Bilbo, however, I won’t be disappearing entirely. As of this post, however, I am going to shut down my blog. At least for now. Maybe some day things will change and I’ll find myself with more free time and more brain power to devote to keeping up a blog. It’s not the only thing I will be cutting out. I need to simplify so I can focus my energy where it’s needed. I tend to pile my plate too full and it’s starting to make me cranky and unproductive.

I will likely post big announcements here, if they happen. To keep up with all my latest news, however, feel free to subscribe to my never-gonna-spam-ya newsletter, or follow me on Facebook. Links to all my social media handles are above.

Thank you to everyone who has followed my blog, taken time to read and comment, or just read. I appreciate you all.

E is for Endings…

…and sometimes for new beginnings.



  1. This makes me sad 🙁 but I also understand. It really is a time commitment. But I hope to see you come back soon with random “I NEED TO VENT MY BRAIN” posts!

    • I’m sad, too. But I’ve been fighting it a while. Those “I NEED TO VENT MY BRAIN” posts are going to be scary, indeed!!

  2. I’m bummed I won’t get to read more A to Z from you, but I’m in the same boat, more or less, so… *shrug* Life gets crazy; whatya gonna do about it?

    Here’s hoping we both have a day coming when blogging will be a fun option again. In the meantime, don’t get too bogged down in the must-do’s and I’ll try to do the same. 🙂

    • Sorry. 🙁 I have to be realistic and there are things I’m trying to do to make other things easier and that means some things need to go. For now, anyhow. Lots of things. If only I had a Thing 1 and Thing 2! Now that would be something indeed. 😉

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