A Streak of Goneness

I’m being mean today. For 10/23 I’m dishing out only 33 words (10+23) of Crossing Paths because I haven’t done a whole lot of new writing except on what I’ll term non-projects. You know that means they’re bound to become projects eventually, they just haven’t yet. This is Ethan talking to his ‘boss’ but, no, he’s not referring to Rainie.

He watched Gabe’s reflection in the glass. “She sent a message for you. Said you shouldn’t be such a cowardly prick and kill her yourself. I second that opinion. I can’t do it.”

I find myself playing catch-up again after being out of town for three days. Next week won’t be any better because we’re out of town this weekend as well. And I’m thinking of going to Michigan the first weekend of November so, yeah, I’m on a real streak of goneness.

Yes, I made up that word. Spell check doesn’t like it, but I don’t always agree with spell check anyhow.

Fair warning, I’ll be putting up a form soon for anyone interested in helping me with my Emergence blog tour. No, I don’t have a release date yet. That’s why I haven’t mentioned it before now. I’m hoping for December, but that would mean a whole lot of work between now and then so we shall see. Part of that work is the cover, the editing, oh, and possibly releasing First of Her Kind on Wattpad to generate more interest. I’m still looking into that.

Coming up VERY SOON: the official release of Greylands. I can’t wait for the cover reveal. Sooooo exciting.

And in November I’ll be participating in the Blog Tour for the release of Keri Lake’s new novel, Soul Resurrected. Perhaps you remember the cover reveal? There are going to be give-aways, snippets, lots of drool-worthy stuff so be sure to check it out.

I really have to take some time this winter and nail some things down. All those balls in the air sometimes makes things a bit confusing. But I have a bunch of projects, Blog ideas, random thoughts . . . the little man in my head just can’t keep up. Orderly chaos must prevail.

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  1. Hehe loved the voice evident even just in that snippet. 🙂

  2. akismet-29794b4c3af9d3489a170d14760587fd

    Great snippet! I’ve not been doing a lot on my main WIP either but I’m rolling with the ideas now so… It can wait. That’s what we do… Keep on, keep in on 🙂

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  4. Few words, but good ones. And “goneness” is a perfectly cromulent word.

  5. I think goneness is a great word! 🙂

    The snippet might be short, but it certainly packs a punch!

  6. Oh Ethan!!! I think he will be my book boyfriend. 🙂 You’ve really produced some great characters.
    I like “goneness.”

    • Thanks, and Ethan thanks you as well. I’m sure that will really help his ego. Oh, wait, he doesn’t need help in that department. *slaps forehead*

  7. There may be only 33 words but they’re powerful ones.

    Non-projects, eh? We’ll see… 🙂

  8. lol love the “do it yourself, I can’t do it.” how many people can it be pawned off on? =P Great excerpt

  9. You’re a tease… just like me! Great line. I love how the conversation’s referring to killing someone so casually.

  10. I agree, in just 33 words you’ve opened up a whole new heart thumping question. What? Kill a woman? (Sorry, that’s two.) I don’t recall who ‘she’ is so I have question 3: Why?

  11. Pithy and straight to the point – how I’ve missed your WIPpets. Very excited to see how much progress you’ve been making. It’s such a crazy time of year – best of luck with the goneness (such a great word) and I hope it goes well!

    • And how my WIPpets have missed you!! Normally, this is the time of year things slow down for me. Um . . . yeah . . . haven’t noticed so far. But it’s all of my own making so I really can’t blame anyone else.

  12. In 33 words you made me laugh! Goneness stacks up with randomness and the fact that I like to add ness to a lot of words because it makes them sound different and fun and… I have this feeling that it was something I picked up on from a tv show like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or something…

  13. It seems quite a number of us haven’t been writing too much lately. I do like this line, though, it’s very punch. I can hear it very distinctly in my head.

  14. I love your made-up word, goneness. I feel that way, too. A lot.

  15. Yes… but WHY can’t he do it? Hmm, somehow I suspect simple humility and an acceptance of the limits of his own prowess is not the issue here.

    Goneness is so totally a perfect word. I can even use it this weekend… (Yay me! I think….) May I steal freely?

  16. Interesting snippet! Since it’s not Rainie he was sent to kill, I wonder how she’ll react when she learns about his little mission.

  17. I hope your goneness produces some uber-energy for writing when you have homeness again. 🙂

    Good tease. 🙂 I wonder who it is Ethan can’t kill…

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