A Short WIPpet for Wednesday

Because I am pressed for time, this will be short and sweet. Or short and not so sweet. Here are three lines for the 3rd.

She thrust to her feet and began to pace again, pounding across the floor, her silly, useless slippers so thin she could feel every bit of grain in the rough wood floor — every scattered, splintered rush. She cursed as she tripped over her torn hem, and caught herself against the wall. She hated the gown almost as much as the shoes.

And I leave it to you, my trusty readers, to tell me which of my three WIPs it is from. Should be relatively easy.

I’m out of here. Don’t forget to visit the other WIPpeteers, and don’t be afraid to join in on the fun because . . .




  1. I’m going to guess Emergence? Sounds like Ciara to me. Whoever it is, though, definitely feeling her frustration coming through here.

  2. I was going to say Ciara, too. I don’t think she’s be too impressed, there…

  3. Ditto. And sadly, I’ve had shoes like that.

  4. I’m going with Ciara too. Definitely not sweet – I can feel her frustration, damn those slippers and gown!

  5. I reckon it’s Ciara too judging from the description. Feisty and impatient – I love her!

  6. My guess is the same. Although her dresses sound so pretty it’s a pitty she tore the hem…

  7. I’m too new to guess. I don’t know. George Washington? Still an enjoyable except, none the less.

  8. Well whoever it is, she’s not having a good day is she. Poor thing – I feel her frustration!

  9. Love the new blog look! And the GOT Meme. I really must get into this WIPpet wed thing. The excerpt was short but got my attention 🙂

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