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I’m bending the rules just a tad this week. They’re really more like guidelines, anyhow. Since we’ve had a cover reveal for Greylands, followed by an interview with the impetus behind the project, I decided I’d give you a WIPpet from my contribution wherein I introduce you to Fletch. (If you missed The Reveal, go read the blurb for some background. I’ll be here when you get back.) In my interview with Krista, she described Fletch as: the wounded animal who hates the world but maintains that one small shred of decency that only a debt to an old friend can bring out. Which is a pretty accurate description of the guy. He’d likely admit to all of it except having a shred of decency. I’m not sure he can see that in himself . . . not any more . . . not yet.

I was going to give you 30 shortish paragraphs. Instead, I give you the first 40 sentences (10+30) of Fletch’s story. Please don’t judge him too harshly. There are reasons he is who he is. And, as an added bonus, this has pretty much been Fletch’s theme since I first ‘met’ him.

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Now, without further ado . . .

 Fletch stood with one shoulder against the wall, and his arms folded across his chest as he watched Mosh escort his latest stray across the camp. The boy had a thing for waifs. This one looked to be in her late teens; slight, blond, and with that guarded, dirt-smeared look on her face so common on the streets. Desperation mingled with determination. Still, something about her . . . Fletch couldn’t put his finger on it, but she set his nerves tingling.

“Watcha doin’?”

Fletch slid a narrowed glare at Pipsqueak as the boy sidled up beside him. “Baking a fucking cake, Squeak. You?”

“You’re spying on Mosh.”

“And that’d be your business — why?”

Pipsqueak shrugged and Fletch turned his attention back to the little parade on its way to Jack’s quarters. Maverick had his tour guide hat on, playing it to the hilt, and no doubt scaring the crap out of the girl in the process. The guy epitomized the all brawn no brains archetype.

“What do you know about her?” Fletch jutted his chin in the trio’s direction.

Pipsqueak sat on an upended crate, his feet dangling above the ground. “Not much. Her brother got his brains splattered by the coppers this morning. They was trying to lift some groceries. She made a sprint for it and they nabbed her.”

“But you guys rescued her?”

Pipsqueak grinned. “It’s what we do.”

Fletch snorted. “What you do is bring us closer to getting found.”

“Jack doesn’t mind. Why should you?”

“Jack’s an idiot.”

Pipsqueak’s eyes rounded in shock, and he launched off the crate. “You’ll be in for it when I tell Mav what you said!”

Fletch grabbed him before he could get away. Pipsqueak yelped as Fletch yanked him back and, lifting him off the ground by both shoulders, slammed him against the wall. Not hard enough to hurt. Just hard enough to scare. He resisted the temptation to hold the boy there by his throat.

“You’re not going to cause me any trouble, Squeak,” he said, his voice deadly soft. “Because if you do, the rats will be picking their teeth with your bones. You understanding me?”

Pipsqueak’s eyes, tears brimming at their edges, took on a whole different kind of round.

I’m gone again this weekend but that should pretty much wind up my goneness until next year. I’ve got a lot of work to do if Emergence stands a chance of being released before the end of the year. I’m waiting anxiously for my Betas to tell me how badly it needs to be beat into submission. I have a sketch for the cover worked out and need to get painting on that. Then there’s the editing, formatting, editing, did I mention more editing? For those who haven’t read it and would like to take a peak at book one, I’m going to be releasing First of Her Kind on Wattpad over the course of November/early December. I haven’t used Wattpad before, but I figured I’d give it a try and see if I can generate some new readership. If it works out well, I may put other short pieces up. As with all things, time will tell.

So over the winter I will attempt to hammer on Crossing Paths, do a complete overhaul of The First House because I love the brothers, and possibly start working on what may (or may not) be the final book in The Darkness & Light Series. To be honest, I have a bunch of scenes already written for it, I just need to decide which direction it’s going. I also, for some reason known only to my muses, have bits of stories written for two of the minor characters I introduce in Emergence. I think I was feeling bad for being rough on one of them in particular, so wanted to give him his own story where I could make things up to him. Of course, I’m being really rough on him in that so far, but it works out well in the end. The other character I just liked a lot, even though he only plays a bit part. Whether anything comes of those or not . . . can’t say at this point. In the interim, they’re what I like to call exercise.

Enough about me. Go out and spread some WIPpet love. And some Greylands love.


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  1. The characterisation in this passage kept my attention the whole way through. 🙂 And Fletch doesn’t sound like someone you’d want to associate with…

  2. Excellent excerpt! Very dark, very compelling. Way to go!

  3. Wow!! Exciting excerpt!! You’re soooo good with bad boys!

  4. scary moment…Fletch sounds like my old friend Fletcher…kind of the same personality there. Hmmmm…

  5. Yes I should be working… 🙂 But I had to check this out! Love spread! https://twitter.com/carolyn_gray/status/395588905988141056

  6. Wow. That was very well written and kept my attention . Great job! I wanted to read more, and Fletch sounds like my kind of guy!

  7. Fletch seems like a nice enough guy. I don’t know why you were so nervous about introducing him to us.

    • If you only knew Fletch before . . . I do get to share a bit of his back story in later chapters.

      • Your trying so hard to convince me he’s rotten. I’m sure he and I would get along fine. He seems like a perfect recruit for that revolt I have planned. You know, the one in which we WIPpeteers throw off your mind-control…

  8. Love this passage! Very intriguing, love the style.

    I’m sure that wherever your betas are in their reading, everything is looking good so far. 🙂

  9. I’m so glad you posted some of Greylands, and what an extract! Fletch is quite a character. There’s so much detail and characterisation in just this small scene. Love it.

  10. I love these characters, and their names are really cool, too. I got a bit of a noir feeling from this scene.

  11. Hmm, noir, huh? Interesting.

  12. Pipsqueak! I’d be terrified if someone did that to me too – and then run very quickly in the opposite direction!

  13. All right – i believe that “bad” people are just people who get broken along the way…so now I wanna know who and what broke Fletch (not that I think there’s a chance in hell he KNOWS he’s been broken!)

    But I want to know. Also, and utterly unrelated, my cat is named Squeak. She’s not docile, though….

    • That definition of bad people totally suits Fletch. Some of what broke him is explored in one of his segments.

      Hmm . . . doesn’t sound like your Squeak lives up to her name. 😉

  14. Love Fletch’s introduction. Then again, love Fletch. Well, love in a stay-back-at-least-500-metres kind of way.

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