A New Meeting for WIPpet Wednesday

Happy Wednesday. No pictures of cuteness today. Sorry. Although you never know what might turn up next week.

It’s been a bit hectic around here. We have a whole list of ‘house projects’ that we’d like to tackle in the next month, and then there was other assorted running around and happenings. So, of course, other things fall by the side.

This week’s WIPpet is from something that is a side WIPpet. Meaning, I occasionally work on it on the side and have some notes about what I’d like from it, various scenes, and it’s high on the list of projects that will move into the Full Blown Wip Stage once room clears. That means no Roe and Fader this week.

*ducks assorted thrown objects*

Whatever. I give you the first 7 paragraphs (2+5) of… As of Yet Unnamed Stuff. Very rough draft stage. Which is why there are only 7 paragraphs. On reading through,  I should divide up at least one. Oh well…

Horban glanced at the three women surrounding him, and thought little of his chances of seeing mid-day. Outside of the fact they were on horseback and he had only his feet, they were also well-armed. Horban had… well… arms.

He shifted his pack across his shoulders. If they were thieves they would be sorely disappointed with what little he had to offer, which meant they would likely kill him. Or perhaps torture him first. Sweat broke out across his brow, and not just from the heat of the summer sun — which had grown significantly hotter since their arrival. He had seen them approaching and could have avoided them by getting off the road, but it already looked like he wouldn’t reach Glenhill before dark. Now it looked like he may not reach the border town at all.

“Can we get on with this?” That came from the woman furthest back. Of the three, she had barely spared Horban a glance. Her features may have been pleasant with a softer expression other than the bored disdain they now wore. She sat astride her grey mount with her arms crossed over the pommel, the fingers of her right hand drumming lightly against the grip of a ghastly long sword hanging off the saddle’s side. She had other weapons. Five that Horban could spot. She seemed the type to have more that he couldn’t. “I’m getting awfully thirsty.”

“You’re always thirsty,” replied the tallest of the three. She carried only two weapons, which had the illusion of making her less a threat. In Horban’s experience that often meant quite the opposite.

“That I am, and not getting any less so.”

“Do you know the road to Dunruebin?” This came from the third woman. Shorter, rounder, armed with only a slim dagger at her waist, and a short staff tied across the pack behind her saddle. Her voice held a slight northern accent, and her blue eyes were the kindest of the lot.

Horban decided he liked her, and so turned his most sincere smile toward her. “Yes. Of course. I would be happy to point you in the right direction.”

Poor Horban.

I’m off. Once again like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.


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  1. Ohhhhhh no. Why do I have the feeling that Horban might be seeing that road with them and finding lots and lots of trouble?
    Such a great excerpt! You are so good at character and building suspense. Love the descriptions of their weapons and possible menace.

  2. No Fader? *pouts*

    But, I like this already.

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  4. “Horban had… well… arms.” made me laugh aloud. Poor Horban, I love his opinions of all three women and his assessments of their weaponry. I already want to find out more–even if it looks like Horban really rather wouldn’t!

  5. Oooh, I like this already. I get the feeling Horban is already in deep, deep doo-doo with these women. In so few paragraphs, you’ve told us quite a lot about them, and I like them already.

    • Thanks, Amy. Yes, very deep doo-doo. If he knew, he’d run. Not that running would do him any good. This is going to be a tricky one. I was going to write from the POV of the women, then Horban spoke up and said he’d like to tell the tale. Which he thinks is his tale, but is really their tale.

  6. Oooh, what an intruiging introduction! The “Horban had…well…arms” line made me laugh out loud. The tone was a great balance of tense and comical. 🙂

    • Thanks! That’s what I’m going for tone-wise. With Horban there is always going to be a bit of comedy. One of the women won’t find him at all amusing, I’m afraid. She does, however, find him…

      Oh, never mind. *whistles innocently and strolls away*

  7. I see where you need to break up a par. 🙂 I also “see” a missing word. *g*

    Otherwise, great stuff like usual. Looking forward Roe again next week, though — especially with those promises!

    • A missing word, heh? Hmm… I think I know where you mean, but I think I meant that the way it is. Unless, of course, you mean some other missing word, in which case, I’m missing it completely.

      *ouch* I think I just hurt myself with that convolution.

  8. Heh. He has arms. 🙂 Nice. I like that a lot. Arms are very useful on a man. I’m sure he can do a lot with them.

    poor Horban. It looks like he’s in for some trouble when he’s just trying to get from one place to the other. I think. Either that, or he IS trouble getting from place to the other and just manages to gather more trouble around himself…

  9. Loved that line about his arms as well. Great snippet – intriguing, makes me want to read more. What has he got himself into though??

  10. I adore how you’re able to cram so much character into such a small amount of space. I will forgive you the lack of Fader and Roe but only because I like this new guy and his lack of weapons, equipped with fully attached appendages. Interesting he can assess the situation like that, but then doesn’t carry weapons, himself….

    • Aww, thanks, Abigail. I’m afraid Horban really would be far too dangerous with a weapon, and not in a good way. He’s so not a fighter. Not in the least. In fact, I have a scene written where they give him a sword. Yes. That doesn’t go the way anyone hoped.

  11. Like Horban’s thought process. His future could go in a couple of different directions right now, and I’d like to see where he lands.

  12. he had arms. I love how you throw the Snark into whatever project (or non project) you’re working on

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