A Bumpy Start to the Week

Oops, there it ain’t. Looks like I dropped the ball on my post-a-week promise. Damn. Apologies all around.

So, did anyone try the fudge recipe? It’s good right out of the freezer, but I found the way I like it best is after it’s been sitting in my lunch bag for about 8 hours. It melts as soon as it touches your tongue. Mmm-mm-m. Not very fudge-like, but oh-so-tasty. I know I mentioned I might share the non-cheese cheesecake recipe, but I didn’t get around to making it again until last night and I just threw things together without following an actual recipe.

Which, coincidentally enough, is how I tend to write. I start out with a few main ingredients and some idea of what I’d like the final product to taste like, throw stuff in a bowl, and POOF!

Of course, the final result isn’t always what I’m after, but I just make adjustments and try again. Or I decide it really is a complete fail and it goes in the dumpster, never to be resurrected.

I sometimes envy those writers who have a concrete recipe and stick to it right to the end. Times like now, for instance, when I’m struggling a bit with a rewrite to the end of my anthology submission. The editor liked it well enough the way it stood, but felt it could be better with a bit more tension in the last third and a couple other minor changes. I couldn’t argue his points, so set about tweaking while still trying to keep it a short story.

I’ve mentioned how terrible I am at these, right?

Yeah. A time or ten.

Anyhow, about last week… outside of Life on the Farm and a couple unexpected projects, I found myself floundering on the edge of a funk. Once again, it is of my own making. It’s that too-many-irons-in-the-fire thing, and then feeling overwhelmed, and then getting pissed because I’m accomplishing nothing as I flit from thing to thing, and then feeling like running screaming into traffic just because.

It’s okay. I know what I need to do in these instances. I need to make a list (which is usually accomplished in an old school manner by the guy in my head), prioritize it, then tackle one item at a time with all my focus instead of SQUIRREL!

What? Where?

Oops… ah… sorry. Where was I? List… prioritize… finish things. Ah. Yes. Like that.

Off I go, to attempt just that. Hopefully you’re all having a better Monday than mine, which started off a bit rocky with a panic-attack because I thought I missed an important deadline which I didn’t realize was actually not until next week until I almost made myself late for the dayjob. I followed that up with a minor altercation between a cup of walnut milk and the microwave. And topped off that illustrious start by arriving at work with hay in my hair from morning chores. At least I didn’t have a meeting.

Have a great week! I figure mine can only go up from here.




  1. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’d like to. Coincidentally, my sister-in-law made a fudge-type dessert last week.
    Hope your week gets better.

  2. I hope the prioritizing works for you! I’m having lots of trouble with the too many irons thing, myself. Only… I can’t cut much.

  3. I hate weeks like that. Glad you didn’t miss your deadline. I usually need time with revisions. I find it can be weeks before what the editor said makes sense.

    • I’m in the midst of a revision right now that should have been a simple “tweak the ending to not lose tension” and turned into “hey, let’s just rewrite the whole ending into something totally different.”

      My brain. Some days I’d like to smack it.

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