ROW80 Update

The bad thing about downloading a calorie counting ap to your cell phone, is finding out you’ve been consuming far too many — calories, that is.  Not aps and cell phones.  It turns out I’m making smarter food choices as far as type, not so much as far as portion size.  What an eye-opener.

The bad thing about spending all your writing time editing, is it makes you more aware of flaws in the writing of others.  Which only becomes a problem when you’re trying to read for pleasure.  Which is basically why I read.


So, my ROW80 update?  Yep, you guessed it, still in the seemingly endless stint of editing the WIP.  Some days I wonder. . .

  Write on!


  1. I was just having that conversation the other day, how it’s almost more relaxing to beta these days instead of try to read a published book. At least with the beta you can make suggestions and changes. Keep going with that editing, Kathi. One scene at a time and you’ll be done in no time!

  2. Wishing you a smooth week of working those edits. My least favorite part of the writing process. I’m slow at it. I rework scenes to death. I hope you hit that silver lining soon!

  3. One of the primary reasons I look forward to reading your revised WIP is that I know you are willing to take a knife to your darlings. Many writers can’t handle the idea that their prose just ain’t perfect “first time, every time.” I’ve lost count of how often I’ve heard the phrase (or a variant) that “the real writing is in the editing.” Hang tough. You’re working on a true gem and that takes both time *and* effort.

    • Ergh! No pressure, huh? Hope the revision doesn’t disappoint. In some spots I wonder if I’ve overdone the knife work –in others. . . Not enough?

  4. Overdoing the knife work…. Oh, I know that feeling. I’ve been tempted on my recent draft to do that. I’m forcing myself not to do it. I want to see what beta readers think. If they suggest the same thing, I know I’m on the right track. If they don’t, maybe I was too ready to operate when the patient didn’t need it 😉

    Good luck with it! Editing isn’t easy, but it is important.

    • Important. And painstakingly slow. Does that mean I’m doing it right? 😉 I’m trying to be patient with it but then one of the agents on my *Dream List* posts about the type of book she’d really like to see and mine fits. Ergh!! *starts pulling hair and running in circles*

  5. I love editing. The time leading up to editing… not so much. I used the weight watchers app and it had points instead of calories, but I’m about to switch to a calorie counting app… not totally excited.

  6. I used a calorie counter for a while too and was surprised by my findings. It did help me cut down on the high-calorie/low-nutrition choices I had been making and switch to better options. Best wishes with that!

    Hope the editing goes well. I have mixed feelings about the editing process. It is more tedious than writing, but I also start seeing my WIP really taking shape and that’s sweet.

    Finish strong! Keep rocking the ROW!

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