1/18 Check in for ROW80

I’ve been bad.  My original goals were:

  • 2k per day which would put me easily through the first draft of the second BD&L book (I might have to adjust that to 1500 given my schedule but I’ll push for 2k)
  • If I get stuck on BD&L2, I must dedicate those words to short stories or flash fiction
  • Two regular blog posts per week (Monday & Friday) plus ROW80 updates on Sunday & Wednesday
  • Print out a hard copy and line edit BD&L when it returns from my beta
  • X number of queries per week once it’s ready to go (I haven’t decided on that number yet)

How am I doing?

  • 2k per day lasted until the first weekend in January when I went out of town for four days.  Since then, a couple hundred per day and not all on the first draft of the second BD&L because it needs plot help and time.  That last being the big issue.
  • Have been diddling with other WIPS but, again, only a couple hundred words per day.
  • Regular blog posts . . . not so much.  Irregular, yes.
  • Hard copy & line edit:  YES!  And this is where much of my writing time has gone.  Only so many hours in a day.
  • Queries:  Not there yet, but getting close.

Write on!


  1. Sounds to me like you’re doing a pretty good job, Kathi! Don’t let the missed goals interfere wit hthe success of the one’s youve met. I find it’s really hard to turn my brain from “writer” mode to “Editor” mode, so the creative part always takes a downturn come edits.
    You’re awesome – you’re determined – you can do it!

    • Thanks, Krista. 🙂 I did spend some time yesterday jotting down questions I need to answer on the book 2 WIP. Little plot details that are hanging me up. I’d like to just blow past them and fill in the blanks later, but I’d be blowing past in the wrong direction. Hopefully once I get through the edit of book 1, I’ll have all my questions answered.

  2. You may not be going as fast as you’d like but you’re certainly heading in the right direction. Good luck on achieving your goals in the coming week.

    • Thanks for the support, Kelly! 🙂 I’m sssooooooo impatient, even though I realize (as I’ve said in my blog) nothing about writing is fast. And I really have to work on not beating myself up when I miss a goal. I’m great at telling other people not to do that, and at pep talks, never really works when I try it on myself. LOL

      • To be honest, I think we all have a little of that in us. We know how competitive the market is, how much work is involved, how much time and tears it takes to whack out a draft before you even begin edits… with all that in mind, it’s hardly surprising that we’re a little hard on ourselves as we’re essentially our own bosses. If you want productive staff, you sometimes have to be the bad guy. It’s just remembering that, with a conventional job, you clock out and go home. With writing, it’s always there around other things and we are entitled to have a life too.

        • Kelly, I think you nailed it on the head with this: With writing, it’s always there around other things and we are entitled to have a life too.

          It’s always there. Because even when I’m not writing, I’m writing in my head, or having conversations with my characters, or pondering the finer points of my plot. Talk about taking your job everywhere!

  3. i recently printed out a hard copy, too – it helps me read and revise so much!!

    good luck with your goals for the rest of the week!

  4. It’s tough sometimes to get into a good “routine” especially if life interfere’s early on. I hear you! But like others said, don’t let this slow you down. You’re making GREAT progress in the time that you have and you are doing your best. Stick with that and your word count will start going up!!
    NO beating yourself up…we ALL miss our goals. Let it go…move on! It’s life…no guilt! 🙂
    Goals are just points to shoot for. The win is IN SHOOTING for it…attaining any of them is simply gravy! So…celebrate your wins….

    • Okay, I’ll stop the self abuse and focus on the accomplishments. 🙂 And, what I’ve come to realize, is sometimes we need life to interfere so we can take a breath and remember what the important things are.

  5. Don’t let it get you down. You’re doing edits! That’s tough. But look at you. You’re doing edits and creating new content on top of that. That’s an accomplishment. Besides, some people like being bad 😉

  6. I just wrote a post on being creative and productive – just not on the page. Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission not to write, and be okay with it. And edits…oy…those are the hardest for me. When I finish a book I just want to work on a new story. Pesky edits. Best wishes for a smooth week – whatever you work on.


  7. I had a week not too long ago where I felt the same way. I knew I needed to write, but just couldn’t get the words out. I was feeling pretty down until another writer friend reminded, not writing wasn’t a bad thing. It just meant the plot was percolating.

    Let those creative juices brew for a bit and you’ll be back to hitting that goal before you know it! 🙂

  8. Please don’t beat yourself up. You are making progress, and that’s what counts. Focus on that!

    I’ve not even come close to my own goals this month but I, too, have been doing the best I can.

    As artists, what we do often manifests in spurts. It’s part of the creative flow and often the river’s currents are wild.

    • Devin, you are so right about the spurts! That’s probably why I have so many projects going at once. 😉 Either that, or I have a severe inability to focus on any one thing for too long.

  9. Quality over quantity Kathi. 🙂 Every post you do tells me that you are a writer of quality.

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