Taking Steps. . .

I’ve finally finished polishing Between Darkness and Light as much as I can polish.  Or rather, I think I need to stop before I over-polish.  It’s a pretty good piece as far as I’m concerned.  But what I think hardly matters.  So I farmed BD&L out to a few willing strangers and some highly critical friends who are also very honest and not afraid to tell me if I’ve got my head up my arse.  I received some much needed feedback and some good input which resulted in a burst of confidence that it actually is a decent ms.

Now comes the query and wait scenario.  I’ve pared my dream agent list down to six initial contacts.  Hopefully at least one of them will find my query irresistible and ask to see more.  I say “at least one” because, of course, I have fantasies of bidding wars breaking out over my work.  Doesn’t every author?

I’m not very good at waiting, though, so it’s a good thing I have other projects to keep me occupied – my un-titled urban fantasy (which desperately needs a title), some shorts and blog posts as well as the second book in the BD&L series.  Unformed bits of which have been swirling into a more cohesive mess inside my head for some time now.  And then there is everything else my life involves.  Never a dull moment.


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